Himalayan Salt Lamp Natural Shape 6kg to 8kg with a Warm Tan Marbled Onyx Base


Our Himalayan Salt Lamps are individually hand-crafted making your purchase truly special and one of a kind.

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Choose from a selection of Himalayan Salt Lamps - Create a warm and welcoming vibe in your living spaces with this stunning salt lamp. Himalayan Salt Lamp in a beautiful solid Natural (Raw) Shape in 6kg-8kgs with a warm tan marbled Onyx base.

Why choose an Onyx Base instead of a Wooden Base? Onyx Bases give a more luxurious appearance being stone rather than wood. Onyx is a gemstone/crystal which has soothing properties. Onyx can help to lessen the stress of everyday life because it works to bring in harmony with it's grounding properties. An Onyx Base will bring the Earth Element . (Instead of the Wood Element energy created from the Wooden Bases).

Floating Cloud Therapies - Himalayan Salt Lamp comes ready to get your Glow On.

Your Salt Lamp arrives as a Lamp Kit ready for use. Set up is very easy you connect the light globe to the power cord and insert the light globe section into the middle of the Himalayan Salt Lamp Base and then connect the power cord to electricity.

The 6kg to 8kg is the size recommended for a medium bedroom or lounge room. That is, an area of   5 x 5 meters = 25 meters squared for Ionization,

Photo indicative only. Actual product may vary in shape, weight, and colour.