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Learn a little more about us. We can help when;

Your body needs a little help during your new gym routine or everyday life.

Therapy can; aid muscle recovery, prevent injury, reduce & manage pain.

Restore & revive your body’s natural balance & well-being.

Feel more relaxed without existing muscle tension because we unwind the knots in your body .

A strong passion for helping people and making them feel the absolute best they can is what motivates us everyday.

A varied array of Therapeutic Services are available in order to tailor a service to best suit your exact needs.


Berwick’s Floating Cloud Therapies: Myotherapy, Reiki & Remedial Massage Clinic can help you with your developing better wellness strategies. With Myotherapy or Remedial Massage Therapy our Professional Qualifications can assist you establishing Treatment Sessions personally tailored to improving and achieving your fitness and healthier lifestyle goals. We can aid in a whole host of ailments such as; neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, joint pain, sore muscles, anxiety, fatigue, headaches, arthritis and other types of musculoskeletal pain.  Reiki is a gentile and non-invasive Energy Therapy. Reiki which can help with times of ; disharmony, grief, sadness by restoring your true energetic balance, peace and clearer direction.  Please feel free to contact us directly, with any questions or queries you may have and our friendly Practitioner will be able to answer all queries and provide effective and accurate advice.

Floating Cloud Massage Therapies is committed to exceptional care in all that we do. We are always available for ongoing support and advice and welcome any questions or queries you may have. Please feel free to contact us directly on 0488 912 206. 

Kind regards,

Bernadette Kirkham.

Floating Cloud Therapies is located in Berwick, Victoria, 3806.Located very close to Wilson Botanical Park and close to Berwick Main Street and Fountain Gate Shopping Centre. The Clinic provides Myotherapy, Remedial Massage Therapy and Reiki.

Established in 2009.