On the spot claiming Private Health Insurance/HICAPS

No need to fill in forms or go to any extra effort to claim your Private Health Insurance Rebates for either Myotherapy or Remedial Massage.

For most major participating health funds.

The following is the most current listing of HICAPS (HICAPS is the electronic program which facilities the ‘on the spot claiming’, using your Private Health Insurance plastic membership card).

The benefit of using HICAPS means that you can claim on the spot straight after your Myotherapy or Remedial Massage Therapy  treatment with us.  Once you have redeemed your Health Insurance rebate via HICAPS, then you only need to pay the residual gap payment (Residual gap means the remaining cost/contribution from the total treatment cost, after you have received your immediate refund.) [The only exception to this is if your Private Health Insurer or HICAPS system is offline (which is rare but possible,) then you will need to pay for your full treatment cost and then lodge your Private Health Insurance Claim manually for your rebate or refund.


Please note:

*If you know that your Health Insurance covers Remedial Massage Therapy or Myotherapy but is not on the lists. Then if your information about coverage is up to date (you can double check this by calling you Private Health Insurer). This will mean that you will ned to pay for the full treatment at the end of your appointment and then lodge your Private Health Insurance Claim manually for your rebate or refund because your Private Health Insurance Company has decided not to participate in the HICAPS program.

*Reiki and Ear Candling are not yet recognised and claimable in Australia on your Private Health Insurance.  However, these treatment modalities are working towards being recognised by Private Health Insurance companies, so for now you will need to enjoy these therapies benefits without receiving a refund or rebate.



Any extra questions for HICAPS feel free to clarify when you arrange your next booking with us.