Body Butter Massage Bars

If you have ever visited Floating Cloud Therapies then you would know that colour, aromas and nourishing oils are part of making you feel healthy from the outside in. So it stands to reason that these elements should be in our newest release Body Butter Massage Bars.

In our Body Butter Massage Bars we have naturally derived plant source colouring. Ranging from the warm browns from cacao to the vibrant pinks of beetroot. These super foods have been included for their delicious colour. We are not making outlandish claims that you will be getting your daily requirements meet. We just loved keeping your Body Butter Massage Bars as natural as possible.

The aroma in our massage bars comes from essential oils to soothe your mind or enliven your spirit. One way to is to apply the Body Butter Massage Bar. Gently massage in. Then follow with a shower. The warm water invigorates the essential oil molecules and breathing in their vapours is pure sensory bliss.

Botanical Topping.

One side of the Body Butter Massage Bar contains herbs, flowers or other types of botanical ingredients like coconut and seaweed. Not only do the make the Massage Bars look extra pretty…on some ocassions like the seaweed that add a textural element to the glide of the massage stroke.

What is the body butter made of?
Shea Butter (Rich in Vitamins A,E&F)(Moisturising, Reduces Skin Inflammation, Aids skin’s natural collagen production, softening & strengthing skin), Cocoa Butter (Vitamin K & E) (Super hydrating, creates a protective layer to fight dryness) and Wheatgerm Oil (contains Vitamin A,E, B, D)(Improves blood circulation to skin=more nutrient & oxygen are delivered. Also more toxins are taken away.)