Here you will find testimonials from some of our happy clients. We have been helping people for almost 10 years now and have stood the test of time due to the high quality and variety of services we offer. Often we have clients that return for other ailments due to the effective treatment we were able to provide with their original problem.  The bulk of new clients coming through our doors are from a personal referral from one of our many satisfied existing clients. Toi find out more please feel free to contact us directly here. We are happy to answer any and all questions you may have and even just provide you with some friendly obligation free advice.

I usually get a monthly massage throughout the year to alleviate stress from work and gym and to help my back muscles. Previously, I had gone to a couple of different places and while I had great massages there, I felt I was paying more for the environment than the actual work.

Floating Cloud Therapies by Bernadette, isn't like that. Every dollar you pay for is worth it.

Each appointment is excellent. I tell Bernadette my concerns and what areas I wanted to work on and she accommodated my requests. She suggested some different techniques which I had never had applied before and made sure I was okay with them before continuing. I had wanted a deep tissue massage to really work out my back and shoulder issues and that's exactly what I got. I was sore the next day as if I had participated in a good workout, and the day after that, my muscles felt wonderfully relaxed. This was everything I had wanted. Bernadette gave me an excellent massage.

adiz, Rowville
Thanks Bernadette for weaving your magic and making the ache’s and pain’s go away. The rigorous training of Thai Boxing and the constant clashing of shins is easily soothed by your Myotherapy & Remedial Massage services. I look forward to catching up again soon. Floating Cloud Therapies : Myotherapy & Remedial Massage Clinic ROCKS!!
Wesley, Rowville
Best pregnancy and post-natal massages I've ever had... Central location - Wheelers Hill, easy to get to, friendly and attentive practitioner Bernadette! You are awesome, Love Bella Boo Designs
Bella Boo Designs, Dandenong
O M G!!!! I had an amazing myotherapy massage this evening. Bernadette has the most amazing hands. I walked in their with aches in many areas and left not remembering where they were, hence why i cannot name them. Such a beautiful serene warm and peaceful atmosophere, you truly float. I was (under) for a blissful hour and a half, music sends you in a state of dream until the worst is feared...you awake.
Mia , Pascoe Vale
For those of you whom have been asking me...This is where I get my massages & swear by it!!! She is a God sent for my back & my migraines. Gets the Loca Linda seal of approval ; ) (the most important seal of all he he)...Gracias...
Linda, Mulgrave
I had been so stressed and realy needed Bernadettes massage, so amazing and relaxing, such a lovely warm healing space to be pampered in, i actually feel asleep.
Kylie, Keysborough
just to let you know now that I have had time for the massage to work its magic I feel great. I hopped out of bed this morning and I could walk! no tightness along the back of the heel. What did you do? I have been sitting and standing a few times today and its still in top shape. Thank You! I shall be booking in another magic massage later in the holidays
Lisa, Endeavour Hills
The massage clinic is located inside the gym but it is professional and prices are extremely reasonable. All types of massages are available and there are often excellent specials offers for events like fathers day. The massage room is clean and smells great!! The clinic is open to the general public and not just gym members.
Saskiah, Rowville
the therapist is friendly and professional. Prices were reasonable . the room was slightly smaller than expected ,but still enjoyed it for the service and relaxation.

testimonials massage

As reviewed on White Coat

I’ve tried so many different therapies over the years but I’ve never met anyone like Bernadette. Such an intuitive, patient, caring soul and the most amazing treatments. Highly recommend her. 05/08/2018
Professional and very friendly. 11/05/2018
Very knowledgeable and friendly welcoming manner 18/02/2018
Bernadette is not only excellent with her hands, she has vast knowledge of the human body. Her calmness and kindness relaxes you immediately! Her treatment room and reception areas have a calming effect. 11/01/2018
Wow. What an amazing experience, from the moment Bernadette greeted me. A very thorough chat about my history helped shaped a picture of what’s been going on. The treatment itself was brilliant and Bernadette explained as she went what she was doing. I came away feeling overall, much better! I have already recommended her and will definitely be back. 04/01/2018
She is fantastic. but you people have to lift your game. There were hassles with the claim, it was not getting through. It got sorted out eventually. 22/12/2017
Fantastic lovely girl 01/11/2017
Wonderful and caring lovely place to go 06/04/2017
She is wonderful caring she can fix anything great place for treatment 16/03/2017
She is fantastic, her service is the best. 03/07/2016
Highly recommended 29/02/2016
Very impressed 27/02/2016

B has that rare quality of loving what she does and being great at it too. She is genuine and so caring, always going…

Posted by Fabi Ana on Saturday, 12 May 2018

Feeling great after seeing Bernadette on Thursday. She is a very caring talented and committed therapist. A kind genuine person. Thank you BBernadette

Posted by Jan McNamee on Friday, 8 June 2018

I have been to see Bernadette last night and i have come out feeling wonderful. She is a beautiful person and does her…

Posted by Jovana Savic on Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Facebook Posts

4 days ago

Floating Cloud Therapies : Myotherapy, Reiki & Remedial Massage Clinic

Hello Lovely People,

We promised to reassess and provide you a COVID-19 Update in Spring.

Firstly, we wanted to express a huge 🙏🏼 thank you 🙏🏼 to everyone who has messaged and called to raise our spirits. As well as your virtual support via likes and comments on our Facebook Pages and our Instagram, have been like burst of sunshine.

We truly apologise for causing any disappointment, by announcing that Floating Cloud Therapies: Myotherapy, Reiki & Remedial Massage Clinic and Shop will be “ buckling down a bit longer ”.

* The Clinic will be remaining in Hibernation mode for the remainder of 2020. This extension is due to risk factors from the Second Wave in Victoria.
* The Wellness & Metaphysical Shop items will still be available by touchless collect option, once restrictions ease.
* Existing Gift Certificates recipients please call us to create a personalised plan.
* Long Distance and Virtual Reiki Sessions for existing clients will be available from 1st October, 2020.
*To existing clients you are still easily able to access Floating Cloud Therapies for free support with; stretching advice, strengthening exercises and self treatment tips to empower you to create lasting solutions to alleviate pain. And to help shorten the length of separation from your last appt and your next appointment ... the sincere offer for a chat is also still warmly welcomed.

If you have already received an sms this week (15/9/2020), then you are currently on our priority waiting list for our re-open. If you did not receive a message but wish to hold a place, then please send an sms to 0488912206.

Upon on Clinic re-opening in 2021 for therapeutic appointments ☁️ Floating Cloud Therapies ☁️ is looking forward to continuing our core ethos of helping and empowering you, to live healthier & fuller lives, by the most natural therapies, for another beautiful decade.

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2 weeks ago

Floating Cloud Therapies : Myotherapy, Reiki & Remedial Massage Clinic

What if every raindrop represented a hurdle
or an obstacle in life?

Do not forget to zoom out
to view the bigger picture of your journey ❣️

Where you are
is not where you will always be.

📸 Raindrops on an Day Lily leaf.

In stillness we feel deeper.
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This Father’s Day wrap your Dad
up with T.L.C. (Tender Loving Care).

We are all fine ... but we all could be better ... including our Dads.

Mental wellness is important to nurture.

Spoil your Dad today with your presence
not presents. Utilise technology to bridge the gap of distance ... try a video chat or a long distance breakfast convo. That will really brighten your Dad’s Day.


#AustralianBushFlowerEssencesDoes this look familiar?
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3 weeks ago

Floating Cloud Therapies : Myotherapy, Reiki & Remedial Massage Clinic

First day of Spring.
Our hope is to
uplift your outlook and bring a splash of beauty during our Stage 4.
Let us share with you virtually -
the bright and happy
💜💛💜 pops of colour 💜💛💜 of Iris flowers.
📸 Purple & yellow Iris cluster in
🌳 The Zen Courtyard Garden 🌳 At
☁️ Floating Cloud Therapies ☁️.
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Self Care Tip.
Super easy to do anywhere and anytime.

Return to your equilibrium of calmness.

Check in on yourself
to release subconscious tension your are holding within your body.

1.) Let your shoulders drop.

2.) Close your eyes.

3.) Unclench your your jaw.

4.) Unclench your hands.

5.) Take a few deep breaths.

5.) Check back in to notice the subtle and welcome changes that can be felt before compare with afterwards.

6.) Also remember that 😘 you are loved 💕 that helps release stress and tension the most.

📸 Ah the peace and serenity of Camelia flowers. Sunbasking in the 🌳 Zen Courtyard Garden 🌳.

Camelia flowers are a symbol of;
• love
• affection
• admiration.
May you direct all those Camelia energies towards 🌸illuminating yourself today🌸. Even for just 10 minutes.


Credit: Most of this text belongs Badassvegan’s.
Now it belongs to you, as part of your daily self-care techniques.
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