Dry needling could be your perfect health solution!

Do you have a chronic health issue that you need help with? Have you had to contend with muscle pain recently? If you have, dry needling can help.
Dry Needling

Dry needling is the practice of inserting filiment needles into the skin, specifically in myofascial trigger points in the body, to relieve pain and tension. What makes this practice “dry” is that the needles don’t inject any fluid into the body. It can provide many benefits for a variety of health issues and/or muscle pain, which include but are not limited to:

Pain relief

This is the first obvious benefit as the needles are inserted in trigger points of the body. Inserting the needles into these points can relax the muscle and enable much needed pain relief.

Improved range of movement

Dry needling can help increase blood flow, which can help decrease pain, and this all helps improve range of movement in the body.

It can treat a variety of conditions

As dry needling can be done on almost any part of the body, it can treat a variety of acute or chronic conditions from back pain, to runner’s knee, calf strains, headaches, shin splints and even plantar fasciitis.

Can be combined with other therapies/treatments

Dry needling can be a part of or combined with remedial massage, cupping, myotherapy and other effective therapies. The combination of dry needling with other treatments can enable faster recovery and achieve the best healing results possible.

Improved muscle activation

As dry needling can help relieve muscle pain and tightness, it can also contribute to improved muscle activation. This promotes improved muscle strength and performance.

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