Healthy Hips

Every day in Australia, approximately 11 children are diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Healthy Hips Day is dedicated to raising awareness for this life-changing condition.

On November 2nd, Healthy Hips Day took centre-stage on the health awareness calendar. While more support is out there for children with hip dysplasia, late diagnosis is still prevalent.

With increased awareness, and a focus on early diagnosis, treatments can be a lot shorter and less painful for these little Aussies. Healthy Hips Day is the chance to spread the word and help families get through the tough recovery process.

If hip dysplasia is diagnosed in the first few months of a baby’s life, the treatment is a lot less severe or invasive. Discovering the condition later increases the risk of painful therapy, casts and surgery.

So what is hip dysplasia? The hip joint, which is made up of a ball and socket, becomes displaced when the ligaments surround the joint are loose and cause misaligment. This can occur as a result of abnormal or insufficient growth.

At Floating Cloud Therapies, we salute the staff and volunteers at Healthy Hips Australia, a not-for-profit organisation that is devoted to bringing awareness and assistance to families, so that children can find relief from the condition early in life.

With resources and support for parents, childcare staff and health professionals, the Healthy Hips Australia website covers a lot of ground. Parents and caregivers need help in areas that many of us would take for granted, such as infant sleeping positions, day-to-day care and development milestones.

While we consider the implications for families, we also think it is the perfect time to remember that our own hips do such an amazing job every day. They support us, help us move and allow us function on every level… and they are too often neglected.

Healthy Hips Day

Knowing that some babies are born without healthy hips is a timely nudge to give thanks for these often unsung heroes, and provide them with some much-needed TLC.

Whether your hips are healthy, or whether they need a bit of nurture, we have a range of therapies to choose from. From myotherapy and dry needling, to Reiki and massage, your hips will love you more than ever.

Make a date for your healthy hips at Floating Cloud Therapies, and give those joints the gratitude and attention they deserve!

Healthy Hips