Himalayan and Crystal Chunk Light Bowls

Increase the healing energy in your home with Himalayan and Crystal Chunk Light Bowls.

As we spend more time in the protection of our homes, there has never been a better time to boost the environment in which we live.  Himalayan and crystal chunk light bowls can help create a calming and restorative space.

There are so many amazing benefits with Himalayan and crystal chunk light bowls.  Not only do they add a beautiful atmosphere to any room, they have some magnificent healing properties as well.

Himalayan and Crystal Chunk Light Bowls

Purify the Air

This is probably one of the main reasons people love Himalayan salt lamps, whichever form they come in.  These gorgeous lights can help to cleanse, deodorise and purify the air, as well as ionise it.

We can all do with a bit of that at the moment!


Allergies and Asthma

The severe increase in allergies and asthma in recent years is nothing to sniff at.  People who have never had allergy issues in their lives are now experiencing the dread that comes with hayfever season, while asthma risks are steadily climbing. 

There is also an increase in chronic asthma conditions, meaning there is reduced lung function over an extended period of time.  Himalayan and crystal chunk light bowls can be a huge help for those in this situation.

Salt therapy is a fantastic way to open up the lungs and increase oxygen levels throughout the body.


Relief for Cold and Flu Symptoms

In the same way that they work for allergies and asthma, many have experienced the cold and flu symptom relief that Himalayan salt lamps can bring.  As we deal with an unprecedented virus season this year, these warm and nurturing lamps are great for the bedside table, office or lounge room.


Mood Booster

Imagine a piece of lovely home décor that emits atmospheric light and can enhance feelings of calm and happiness.  A Himalayan and crystal chunk light bowl ticks all of these boxes.  Himalayan salt can help boost serotonin levels, in turn creating more feelings of love, connection and contentment.


At Floating Cloud Therapies, our gift shop has an abundance of wonderful lamps and light bowls to choose from. Deck your home out with these glowing miracles or grab the perfect present for someone close to you.

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