Is Massage Covered by Health Insurance?

Is Massage Covered by Health Insurance?  The answer is not a simple yes or no.  Perhaps it is time to check your cover and start this year with a rejuvenating massage!

With the new year comes many things, including resolutions and the resetting of health insurance benefit limits. Boost your self-care game and see if massage is covered by your Health Insurance Extras Cover.

Did you make good use of your Extras benefits last year?  If you find that you’re not getting the most out of your cover, we suggest exploring the health-enhancing options out there.  If you’ve ever asked, “Is massage covered by health insurance?”, then Floating Cloud Therapies can help. 

Check Your Health Insurance Cover

Massage falls under the Extras umbrella when it comes to health insurance.  If you don’t have Extras cover, but regularly make use of therapies such as massage, optometry and dental, it is worth looking into adding this cover to your policy.

There is a simple way to know whether Extras cover is right for you.  Review what you spend on therapies without Extras benefits, then assess whether the premiums you would pay are less than the money you would be saving once these benefits have been claimed.

Another argument for taking out Extras cover is that it encourages people to go the extra mile when looking after their health and wellbeing.  Paying premiums for insurance and having benefits to claim before the year ends is great motivation to make some time for yourself!

What Types of Massage are Covered by Health Insurance?

In the eyes of health insurance companies, not all massage therapies are equal.  Relaxation massage is not usually covered in an Extras policy, but you will find that Myotherapy and Remedial Massage are generally covered.  Every insurer is different, however, so you need to check your specific cover details to be sure.

Choosing a massage therapist whose services are covered by your Private Health Insurance is a great way to not only save money and enjoy regular treatments, but to also have confidence that they are qualified, registered and insured practitioners.

HICAPS Makes Life Easier

At Floating Cloud Therapies, we also offer HICAPS – so you can claim your benefits on the spot.  This saves time and cashflow inconveniences.

Make 2020 your best year yet.  By keeping your focus on health and wellbeing, you can take on everything life offers and enjoy it to the fullest.  Give your Health Insurance cover a good workout this year – you’re worth it!

If you need any further information about our different massage therapies or would like to book a treatment, contact Floating Cloud Therapies today.

Is Massage Covered by Health Insurance?