Keeping to Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time again! 2020 has rolled around, and you want to know the tricks to keeping to your New Year’s Resolutions.

Well, the key is nurture.  Keeping to your New Year’s Resolutions is a lot easier if you consistently commit to nurturing your mind, body and spirit.

At Floating Cloud Therapies, we are the nurture experts!  We know that the perfect time out and rejuvenation session looks very different for each person.  It is also important that you find your best fit, because when it comes to keeping to your New Year’s Resolutions, any tools that support your journey need to feel natural rather than forced.

Nurture is about finding clarity and making sure you’re able to hold it.  Forget about the “shoulda’s” for a while and let go of the “gotta’s”.  It’s one thing to have a fresh list of resolutions to inspire and motivate you, but it is another thing altogether – and not very productive – to tie yourself to unrealistic or excessive New Year’s plans that will send you into a spiral of overwhelm over the months to come.

Perhaps you also have a full balance of Health Insurance Extras to start the year fresh.  This means that you can treat yourself properly and with care, with therapies such as myotherapy or remedial massage.

Keeping to Your New Year’s Resolutions

You could even combine these with the gentle healing power of Reiki, ear candling, hot stone massage or Himalayan salt stone massage. 

Once your session has finished, take a little piece of heavenly calm home with you.  At Floating Cloud Therapies, we have a wide range of products that make keeping to your New Year’s Resolutions just that bit easier. 

Our range of hand-made body butter massage bars are infused with all sorts of wonderful ingredients so you can treat your body on a daily basis, with rejuvenating and relaxing essential oils to enhance the experience.  These are available online or instore.  When you visit you can also delve into a treasure trove of gifts – either for yourself or someone you care about.  Essential oils, crystals, Himalayan salt lamps and Australian Bush Flower Essences are just the beginning of your Floating Cloud Therapies shopping experience!

Start 2020 with your priorities in the right order and give yourself the energy and space you need to create the best year of your life.  Make an appointment with Floating Cloud Therapies today.