Are you still planning on saving your Natural Therapies Private Health Insurance rebates for either Myotherapy or Remedial Massage for a rainy day?

If so, how much rain do you need to experience before you decide that now is the time?  The truth is that if you don’t use your natural therapies Private Health Insurance allowances by the time your insurance rebates reset, you will lose them.

This is not only a shame from a financial standpoint, but it is also upsetting for us that you are not getting the benefit of these health-inducing therapies.

So, if you’re like many Australians, you are now approaching that crazy time of the year and realise that you haven’t used your natural therapies Private Health Insurance allowances to their full potential. 

There is also a good chance that this is the time of year you most need it!  It is the perfect time to be proactive and do something to nurture your body in the leadup to the chaos that is the holiday season.

Discomfort and pain are not acceptable, and so often we meet people who “put up” with this and have begun to see it as a normal way of living.  Unfortunately, accepting this level of wellbeing as the new normal is a worrying trend amongst busy and stressed Australians.

Natural Therapies Private Health Insurance

Even if your aches and pains are intermittent or nagging, rather than chronic or disruptive, we shouldn’t try to battle through or deal with pain until it goes away.  More often than not, if the problems seem to ease on their own, they are busy plotting and compounding into bigger issues that will need to be addressed down the track!

Most Private Health Insurance Extras policies include Myotherapy and Remedial Massage – these are a wonderful way to relax and let your body heal from the stresses of modern living.  At Floating Cloud Therapies we are dedicated to creating a nurturing and healing experience for tired muscles and minds.

There is never a better time than now to look into your Natural Therapies Private Health Insurance cover, check when your entitlements reset and how much you still have available in rebates.

The three main cycles that Private Health Insurance funds follow, and hence use to reset your annual entitlements, are:

  • the end of the calendar year (ie 31st December / 1st January),
  • the date you joined
  • the financial year (ie 30th June / 1st July)

Most health funds follow the first cycle, which also lines up with the Medicare system.  This means that for a lot of policy holders, time really is running out.

Nobody likes to think they have paid for something that they haven’t used, and there are no disadvantages to using your Private Health Insurance rebates – it is different to home or car insurance where too many claims can affect ratings or reputation as a customer. 

Your Private Health Insurance entitlements for Natural Therapies, as well as all other Extras, are there to help you stay in control of your health and wellbeing. 

And who doesn’t want to feel like they are living their healthiest and best life?

Contact the team at Floating Cloud Therapies today and make an appointment to take care of the most important person in your life – You!  By making time for your health, you are setting course for a beautiful festive season and brilliant summer.