Spicy Passion – Valentines Day Limited Edition – Roses and Sumac – Body Butter Massage Bar – with pure Plant Based and Vegan Ingredients


Are you looking for a Valentine’s Day Gift ?

Something unique, a bit special, hand crafted, natural, smells amazing … oh and shows you have thought about creating an experience…rather than just bought “anything” at the last minute – to prove you remembered your loved one.

Then Spicy Passion – Floating Cloud Therapies – Valentine’s Day Limited Edition – Body Butter Massage Bar.

Colour: Crushed Rose Petals & Beetroot

Fragrance: Black Boy Rose

Botanical Topping Side: A pair of Rose Buds & Rose Petals on a base of Sumac Berry Powder. (All organic)

💟 Please note: All ingredient are sourced from plants 🌱 and * not* animals, so that makes them Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free.

What is a Massage Bar anyhow? Well you have probably by now heard of a Shampoo Bar. This is a similar concept a solid bar of nurturing ingredients without the plastic bottle of a normal moisturiser. Unlike a normal moisturiser the plant based butters and oils chosen – do not immediately absorb into the skin – creating the opportunity to “ massage ” these beautiful ingredients in to your or your partners skin.

When looking at our images of Spicy Passion – you get to see both sides of the one Body Butter – Massage Bar. You’ll see a smooth side and a side we like to call the botanical topping side … the flowers and herbs – that add extra healing elements to the overall ingredients – but most importantly to add a textural element to your massage strokes. Sometimes the “scratchy techniques” promote the most therapeutic change.

Roses have been a Universal symbol of Love but did you know how many benefits they have for your skin ? Sumac Berry is a spice that has been used as medicine for more than 2,000 years. The anti-oxidant and collagen are literally of the charts.

Rather than impress you with their properties you can have confidence that we have chosen the plant based colour and botanical ingredient – not only because they are pretty but totally beneficial for your skin.

So original you might have chosen our Body Butter – Massage Bars to be more sustainable (being plastic free) but you have also chosen less toxic chemicals and ingredient that will enhance, rather than harm your holobiome ( your whole bodies biome not just your tummies – microbiome).

And there is nothing more romantic than someone wanting you to stay healthy and be with them … for ever more.

PS Spicy Passion – while the name suggests the spice included Sumac Berry – the heat generated is up to your partner and you … because Sumac is not a chilli kind of heat when rubbed upon the skin.