Are gift vouchers available?

For sure –  for all types of occasions such as; just b/c, happy birthday, happy anniversary, thank you, I want you to feel better.

How much will I get back from my health fund?

Because every health fund is different and has different levels of extra cover – check your funds website or give them a call to find out exactly how much you’ll be out of pocket.  Increase your healthiness and use the benefits you are entitled to.

What if I don’t like relaxation massage?

That is ok, different types of techniques fall under the umbrella of remedial massage – therefore not all techniques need to include massage as such. Please let me know at the time of booking – and I can tailor a treatment session to suit your needs/goals.

Is it safe to get a massage while pregnant?

There is a common misconception that massage while pregnant is dangerous.  Being pregnant is an important time of change in your life and your body could use some therapy to make the next 9 months a more enjoyable time.  Massage has even been shown to increase the...