Remedial Massage Berwick

When it’s cold outside and you feel it all through your muscles and joints, it’s time to book in for your remedial massage in Berwick.

Remedial massage in Berwick offers a way to help soothe those winter aches, providing you with targeted relief tailored to your individual needs.

At Floating Cloud Therapies, we know the colder months of the year lead to less time outside enjoying the freedom of exercise. If you’re shivering against the cold, chances are your muscles are feeling it too. Let’s dive into the benefits of remedial massage to help with all those winter aches and pains.

Relive those aches and pains

The effect of cold weather on your muscles means they will lose heat and contract leading to tightness.

A remedial massage with Floating Cloud Therapies will target those areas of tension and discomfort using techniques such as deep tissue massages, trigger point therapy and myofascial release to release muscle knots and restore flexibility.

Float-Back pain

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An increase of blood flow and oxygen to the muscles through remedial massage will help reduce inflammation, in turn promoting relaxation – the best state you want to be in!

Feeling the warmth

The drop in temperature can see your blood vessels constricting and a reduction in circulation, leaving your body feeling achy and cold.

At Floating Cloud Therapies, we can conduct a remedial massage to help stimulate circulation, applying pressure and using strokes across your body to promote the flow of blood and other fluid. This increase in circulation will help warm up those cold muscles and joints, making you feel a more comfortable.

Float- Massage

Mood enhancing and immune boosting

We all know the cooler weather sees an increase in coughs, colds and flu’s throughout the community.

Regular remedial massage can help support your body’s natural defence mechanisms against illness, in turn reducing the chances for further aches and pain.

There is also nothing better than the feeling of a good massage to make you feel amazing, relaxed and happy!

So if the impending winter season has you already dreading the unwanted attack on your body, let’s work together to have you feeling comfortable. Get on top of those aches and pains before the winter blues kick in! Book your next appointment for a remedial massage with Floating Cloud Therapies today.

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