Selenite crystals have captured the hearts of many crystal lovers!

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Selenite is a popular crystal in the new age space with many uses.

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The crystals are formed from the gypsum mineral which is a hydrated calcium sulfate. They are not only aesthetically beautiful but have a range of metaphysical and healing properties as well.

Selenite Crystals

Selenite promotes peace and calm, making it a soothing tool and the top choice for those of us facing stress and anxiety.

The word ‘selenite’ comes from Selene, the Greek Goddess of the moon. Selenite crystals are said to embody the celestial energies of the moon itself.

Selenite Crystals

Selenite comes in a range of colours including peach, gold and rose.

But the most common colour is the simple white.

Different shapes of selenite serve different purposes.

Tthe hourglass is used for grounding and awareness, the wand is used to cleanse the aura and energy, and the tower is used for protection.

Selenite looks incredible in any lighting, and you don’t need to be into the metaphysical to enjoy its unique and otherworldly beauty.

When looking into selenite crystal products and uses, you can’t go past us. We specialise in massage and therapeutic services and offer a wide range of crystals.

Floating Cloud Therapies provides selenite crystal in a range of products – perfect for gifts!

These include selenite monolith lamps, tea light holders, and tower lamps that come in a variety of sizes. These crystals will brighten up your home, workspace or healing spaces – providing it with cleansing energy and positive vibes.

They make the perfect gift for friends, family and coworkers, or even for yourself as a special treat!


Selenite Crystal

Selenite Crystal Tower Lamp (20-25 cm)

Floating Cloud Therapies has unique and individual Selenite Crystal Tower Lamps in stock. The height of the Selenite Crystal Tower Lamp (20-25 cm) can vary. Each tower comes with a cord and globe.

Abundant Love Selenite Light Bowl

Light Bowls encourages good energy and abundance. Abundant Love contains two solid crystal hearts amongst the crystal chunks to remind you that love is abundant.

Carved Selenite Crystal Monolith Lamp

Each carved Selenite Crystal Lamp – Monolith has it’s very own unique crystal pattern or crystal fingerprint, which makes each one extra special.

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