Spring Time Rejuvenation!

Without even realising it, Winter can take a considerable toll on your mental health and wellbeing. Feeling constantly cold, getting wet, being stuck indoors, the lack of sun and short days can make us tired, miserable and depressed. Most creatures, and even many human societies, slow down their way of living during winter. However, us Melbournians don’t change anything – if anything our winter, being in the middle of the year, is even more hectic than the other seasons. 

However, we can finally rejoice! Spring is here – and it’s the perfect opportunity to restore your body and mind to its optimal state and recover from the toll of winter!

We believe that the way to encourage and fast-track this recovery is through mental and physical therapeutic treatments, such as Reiki, aromatherapy, salt lamps as well as an array of traditional massages and reflexology.

Spring Time Rejuvenation

We strive to create a warm, friendly, safe and relaxing environment to open you up and begin the healing process. After our service is complete you’ll feel all the energy you lost during Winter come rushing back to you, giving you the power to take on the rest of 2019!

As our Spring healing program is about mental health just as much as physical, we recommend courses that are aimed towards the mind. One of our most popular courses is Reiki, which is an ancient meditative art aimed at opening your mind and body and sending you into a state of tranquility and bliss, thus encouraging real bodily and mental healing. Plus, if you feel that your time with us was not long enough, you can bring home one of our renowned massage butter bars available for purchase to continue the process in the comfort of your home. 

Call Floating Cloud Therapies today to let us know how you are feeling and how you want to feel, and we’ll select a course perfect for you!

Your hard work and strength let you survive and prosper through another winter, now it’s time to reward and reset yourself so you can return to being the best you can be!