Stepping Into 2024 with Casey Remedial Therapy

As 2023 is coming to an end, the Casey Remedial Therapy team at Floating Cloud Therapies is stepping into 2024 ready to support the best version of you!

Whether that looks like resetting yourself with a professional relaxation massage, connecting with your higher self through a reiki treatment or promote peace and calm with our selenite crystals, Floating Cloud Therapies can help with supporting the best version of you.

Casey Remedial Therapy Massage Services

We provide a range of massage services including remedial massage, deep tissue massage, pregnancy massage and relaxation massage.

Booking in for a massage means you are creating some time to allow your body, mind and spirit to catch a breath and recalibrate.

If you have an existing injury and want to work towards reducing the injury or pain therapeutically, remedial massage is for you.

Casey Remedial Therapy

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The end of the year can be a stressful time because of holidays, shopping, catching up with family and getting prepared for the new year.

So take a pause, book in for a massage treatment and walk out feeling lighter and more relaxed with us.


Connecting in with your higher self can provide the clarity you need for supporting the best version of you in 2024.

We recommend this treatment for calming and coping during the periods of high stress or anxiety, both of which can crop up during the end of the year. Allow some time that’s just for you and ‘float out lighter’ of your treatment session.

Casey Remedial Therapy - Crystals


If you are looking to reset the energy in your space, check out our range of crystals in the gift shop or book a time to come and visit our shop!

Light up your room with our Abundant Love Crystal Bowls, add some new crystals to your collection or find the perfect crystal tea light holder for your new year rituals!

You can check out some of our favourite products at the bottom of this blog!

Step into 2024 with Floating Cloud Therapies, give us a call or send us a message to discuss our Casey Remedial Therapy services now.

Crystals and Products for 2024

Carved Selenite Crystal Monolith Lamp

Each carved Selenite Crystal Lamp – Monolith has it’s very own unique crystal pattern or crystal fingerprint, which makes each one extra special.

Selenite Crystal

Acai Body Butter Massage Bar

With one of the highest levels of antioxidants in any fruit worldwide, the Acai berry is amazing at supplying our body with essentials not found anywhere else.

Abundant Love Selenite Light Bowl

Light Bowls encourages good energy and abundance. Abundant Love contains two solid crystal hearts amongst the crystal chunks to remind you that love is abundant.