Looking to unwind?

There’s no better way of treating yourself than with an amazing remedial massage in Berwick. It’s relaxing, peaceful and just what the soul needs.

Not sure whether remedial massage is for you?

Have a read of the guide below to discover why you should treat yourself.


It’s Healing

Feeling stressed?

Remedial massage is a great way to let go of everyday stresses and tension. It’s vital that you let your body relax and remedial massage is the perfect way to nourish the mind, body and soul.

It Helps to Repair Damaged Tissue

Not only is massage therapeutic on the mind, but it’s also fantastic for the body.

If you’re having issues or sore joints, remedial massage can greatly assist. Talk to your massage therapist at Floating Cloud Therapies, to ensure that they can give you the best possible treatment.


remedial massage Berwick

It’s Local and Private

You shouldn’t have to travel far to get a great massage. With a lovely salon in Berwick, Floating Cloud Therapies have you covered.

With their nice quiet and private location, you’ll quickly forget you’re even in Melbourne.


It’s Just For You

Sometimes it can feel like we never take time for ourselves. By treating yourself with a remedial massage in Berwick you are taking time out of your day to focus on you.

After all, how can we expect to look after others, if we can’t take care of ourselves?


You’re In Good Hands

If you’ve never experienced remedial massage before, it can be daunting. Thankfully the team at Floating Cloud Therapies are experienced professionals, who tailor each massage to each client.

Lie back, relax and let Floating Cloud Therapies take care of you.


Had enough of the hustle and bustle? Are your body and mind needing a little extra love?

Remedial massage is a wonderful way to get away and heal your body and mind.

With the fantastic therapists at Floating Cloud Therapies, you’ll be unwinding in no time.